Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Effective Pleasanton Cosmetic Dentistry Procedure

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Your smile has a direct visual impact on the people you meet, whether you realize it or not. When your smile looks white and healthy, others perceive you as vibrant, friendly, and approachable. That is why teeth whitening has become an increasingly popular cosmetic dentistry procedure at our Pleasanton dental office. Our goal is to provide you with exceptional dental care so that you leave our office happy with your new smile. If you're interested in improving and whitening your smile, our dentists at Brush Country Dental Center can help with our teeth whitening treatment.


Causes of Teeth Discoloration

Primary (baby) teeth are typically whiter than permanent (adult) teeth. This is one reason why white teeth are often associated with youth. As we age, our permanent teeth naturally become darker, more yellow, or stained. Besides ages, there are several reasons why teeth discolor over time including:

  • The regular consumption of teeth staining foods and drinks
  • Certain medications taken during childhood including antibiotics like Tetracycline
  • The use of tobacco
  • Tooth decay & trauma
  • Genetics

In order to restore your teeth to its natural white, our teeth whitening solution may help.


Teeth Whitening At Our Sarasota Dental Office

There are many over the counter tooth whitening systems available for purchase; however, these typically do not work. Professional tooth whitening at our Pleasanton dental office is much stronger than whitening toothpastes and at-home whiteners due to having more peroxide in our whiteners. This can effectively speed up the process of teeth coloration as opposed to using other methods.

When you visit us to have your teeth whitened, our Pleasanton cosmetic dentists will examine your teeth and gums to ensure they're healthy for the procedure. Your lips and gums will be protected using cheek retractors and gauze before a light-activated hydrogen peroxide gel is applied to your teeth. Once the gel is set, a light is used in several cycles so that the gel effectively penetrates the teeth to break up any stains and discolorations. After each cycle, the color is assessed and if needed, fresh gel is applied for the next cycle. The cycles can vary depending on the patient and the level of brightness desired.

After the treatment, if feel some sensitivity in your teeth and irritation in your gums that do not go away in a few days, please contact us for an appointment. Please be aware that that too much whitening can harm your tooth enamel and cause severe discomfort. It is recommended that you do not overuse whitening products for longer than the suggested time given by our dentists.


Contact Our Cosmetic Dentist In Pleasanton, TX

There's no reason to go through life feeling embarrassed by your yellow, stained or discolored teeth! In just one visit with your Pleasanton dentists, you can get the white and bright smile you want for a big boost of self-confidence. Just give us a call at (830) 569-2500 or request an appointment online. We hope to hear from you soon!